Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome... Here is the News

Here begins my initial plunge/climb into the blogosphere, depending on whether one thinks this proverbial land is above or below sea level. To begin, I feel I should explain why I'm doing this anyway. It's pretty simple. I want a $100 check signed by Ethan Iverson of the Bad Plus. Seriously. I may not even want to cash the check because I'd certainly be up for keeping an Ethan Iverson autograph.

Ok, maybe not that simple. But certainly this is incentive enough for me to stop studying for my US History final this week and do something I've thought about doing for a long time. While part of me wants to be the fifth member of So Percussion, another part of me wants to be a hip music critic.

This blog will be a clearinghouse for my various writings on music, especially new music, as implied by my uncreatively goofy title. As a student at Princeton University, I get to share classrooms with some really forward thinking musicians and composers and am a train ride away from arguably the largest musical community in the world. From those that regularly converse with me, I am known to frequently direct discussion toward musical topics and have a lot to say. I hope this blog will be an environment where I can clarify my musical opinions and hone my writing to make my opinions worth hearing. As I am also an active performer, the blog will promote my performances to an unknown number of fans (the number is probably irrational).

We'll see what happens. Especially regarding that Ethan Iverson check.

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