Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blogging the London Jazz Festival - Mid-Fest Update

Tomorrow evening features what very may be the mostly hotly anticipated performance of the London Jazz Festival.  Is it the Barbican's double bill of Charles Lloyd and Norma Winstone, featuring new MacArthur Genius grant winner Jason Moran?  Of course not!  It's the Royal College of Music Big Band playing at the Bull's Head in Barnes.

Alright, I keed, I keed.  But this is the one performance where I have to put the money where my mouth is and actually play, rather than just sit back and post snarky comments later.  We're doing a particularly old school set, but this isn't some lightly swinging dinner set.  There's some Thad Jones, Mingus, the Duke, definitely not background music by any means.  Our fearless director, Mark Armstrong, will take some blazing trumpet solos and hopefully we'll get through it all in one piece.

For my London readership (population: less than or equal to 1), come down to Barnes for our 8:30 PM hit.  For everyone else, I'm planning to do a bit of bootleggin' and if anything comes out ok, it'll make it's way onto the internets in some capacity.  Be on the lookout!

In other news, this guy from BBC radio 3 really liked Gretchen Parlato on Friday.  Take notes, Miss Yanofsky.

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