Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Digital Disappearance

Psst. Over here.

Yes you.

Don't make me speak louder.

So you know I've been in hiding for the past two months and cannot reveal my exact whereabouts. I've become a musical-guerrilla-partisan-mercenary, offering up my services to various groups bent on musical liberation. I have not been able to post here for fear that some may get the idea that I am not busy enough and will contact me for other jobs.

However, here are a couple of things that you can look forward here in the coming weeks:
  • A post on some new music by the guitarist Anders Nilsson
  • Ike Sturm's "Jazz Mass" and sacred music in secular spaces (but for the moment, check this out)
But more importantly, I am leaving soon for a top-secret musical mission in an unnamed Eastern European democracy. I will dispense periodic reports from the field to all those with appropriate clearance (yes, you).

This all I have time for now, but will report back soon.

Over and out.

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