Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tenth Avenue Blog-Out

An Immortal Ode

I have a friend named Billy,
In my band he would sing willy nilly.
He now has his own blog,
His insights will leave you agog,
So check it out, it sure is a dilly.

The esteemed Billy Hepfinger, alumnus of my band Funkmaster General (in addition to the Nassoons a capella group and the Princeton Triangle Club), has started his own music blog,

There are many fun and interesting things on his blog, such as reviews of Weezer's new album and Sufjan Stevens' unexpected and epic EP "All Delighted People," and some humorous insights into the making of legendary albums, most recently Joni Mitchell's "Blue."

But in a move of dubious wisdom, he asked me to write a companion piece to his "Blue" post. So, my near hero-worship of Joni Mitchell's infinitely underrated album "Hejira" is now up and ready to read.

Check it out here:

Completely unrelated, I somehow acquired £1 tickets to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra on Saturday. Stay tuned for a review of one of London's other orchestras.

N.B. I meant to add in links, but blogger is not letting me, so just copy and paste the web addresses into your command bars and it'll go swimmingly.

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